Team Talk


Team talk: Aaron talks anxiety and panic attacks with his mates

This is it. Welcome to the pilot episode of Talking Mental! Our first episode sees host Aaron Stadlin-Robbie laying some groundwork, giving us an insight into his experiences with anxiety and panic attacks. This time round, the tables are turned, with his friends Ben Jessop, Brock Van Dommele and Daniel Telles asking the hard-hitting questions.

Aaron offers some advice and suggestions to others going through a similar struggle and who best to turn to for support and help. Aaron, Ben, Brock and Daniel also try to get to the bottom of society’s perception of mental illness and the importance of starting a frank and open conversation.

Sound good to you? Tune in to find out more.

Special thanks to Bobby’s Rabble and Baby Bobby’s Peel Street for the use of their bar and the beers (they were just props, promise!)


About Aaron

Host and presenter Aaron Stadlin-Robbie in on a mission. Having struggled for years with anxiety and panic attacks, he has found that speaking openly about his experiences has given him the confidence to bare all in an attempt to inform and bring an end to any stigmas attached. A proud Chiwi (half Chinese, half Kiwi), Aaron is a professional host and presenter based in Hong Kong.