The Clinical Psychologist



THE CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Dr. Hannah Sugarman gives her diagnosis

The second episode of TALKING MENTAL Series 1 follows Hannah and Aaron as they talk garlic, vampires and scary movies. Exploring anxiety and panic disorder from a medical perspective, we learn how sufferers are formally diagnosed and some helpful steps to follow towards the end goal of a cure.

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About Hannah

Dr Hannah Sugarman is a UK-trained Clinical Psychologist who has worked in mental health for number of years, with a special interest in the link between physical and mental health. She is experienced in working with a range of difficulties including low mood, stress and a range of problems linked to anxiety. She is passionate about challenging the stigmas that can arise in relation to mental health issues, and regularly collaborates with charitable initiatives  aimed at reducing stigma around mental health and improving access to mental health care for those who need it most.